Leaving Stone Island

There wasn’t anything that gave me a plan. I just literally set off North. With no idea of how I was going to get there. I left the comforts of Stone Island for the uncertainty of the road. No guarantees of how long it would take, or how many rides it would take to get there.

I left with very little money and was intent on arriving with less baggage than I left with. Personal baggage that is. The unimaginable task of attempting to lose all my baggage in any of the 5 deserts I needed to pass through, or the many wildernesses I would have to cross in order to reach my destination was all I wanted to achieve. I didn’t really care if my physical body was all in one piece. What was more important was that somehow out there in the desert I would face all of my worst fears, and be able to shed them on the desert floor, or leave them beside the road.

I didn’t know that was what I needed when I left that morning. I woke up knowing I needed to go. I walked as the sun came up to the embarcadero, I was leaving paradise in search of hell, the fires of which would purify my soul.

I got onto the boat alone, and arrived on the shore. I walked 3 miles and stuck out my thumb. The universe had provided me my ride to the north. Within minutes I was on my way to Tijuana 1100 miles with my ride.

The universe had a lesson for me. What is meant to happen will happen no matter how hard I try to screw it up. I was destined for the refiners fire. I couldn’t fight it. Whether I experienced it in Mexico, or on the road was my choice.

My bags were packed. I was in the semi northbound to face all my life’s worst fears, my insecurities, and my inner pains that I’d never faced in my life….


An Introduction To Hitchhiking

stone islandNothing could ever hide my fear, or my dismay or utter amazement when I stumbled onto a new blog. I am an avid reader of websites,blogs, and inspiration. I’m a die hard minimalist to a fault as a result. All because of something I read that resonated with me. Inspired me. Pushed me. Challenged me.

I’m a die hard minimalist, ascetic, and wandering nomad. Largely shaped by what others wrote.

Kerouac, Hemingway, Thompson, and now this kid.

At times I’ve desired to settle down and live a somewhat normal life. More importantly seeking my dreams, desires, and aspirations has been at the forefront of my existence.

I tried to let that seed sink in lately. It didnt work.

When I stumbled onto a website I realized I hadn’t really been living what was on my heart for so long. Just BE.

Hitch The World turned my world upside down. I devoured it from front to back like a best seller I just picked up at Barnes and Noble.

I decided to let it soak in. But it invaded my life. I needed to change my thinking on life. Needed to change my paradigm of LIVING. I needed to break out of this funk of defeat. Needed to crawl from the barage of depression, anger, and anxiety that was causing failure to become the central focus in my life. Sure I could have done what most of you have done. I could have found fulfillment in some self help books, or changed the flavor of latte I was drinking ever so regularly, or even gone back to College. I could have gone to a psychologist, or a to a counselor. I could have talked about what was beating me down. Instead I chose Hitchhiking.

Hitchhiking gave me focus. It allowed me to embrace the inner me that loved adventure. But to an ends. I set a goal, but I let the path take me where it led…

I’ve battled the best, and worst in me. From childhood to today. I’ve had to face the best and worst in me these last few weeks. It has challenged me more than anything else ever has.

I left Paradise known as Mazatlan I headed North. Destination: Montana.

This is my story.